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There's never been an official SMS Alumni Association. But get a bunch of Abuites together and we jabber non-stop about the great old times, whether it was climbing Plummy, nesting, raiding tuck boxes or ragging "Hospi Sas." If there are others listening, it's hard to resist a good yarn about bears in the dorm, or sneaking past the gates of Sophia.

So for all the irrepressible nostalgics out there, here's a meeting place in Cyberspace, a way to track down long lost classmates, and to keep in touch with our erstwhile home.

SMS alumni are invited to contribute content in any of the following categories:

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A School of Many Anthems . . .

St. Mary's has had at least 4 anthems over the last 40 years. Why is it that so many staff have in their time been inspired to put their feelings for SMS into song?

Paddy's Bridge

19651971 (Tune: The Merry Ploughboy)

Oh we're the boys of dear St. Mary's School
In the hills of Rajasthan
Where we work and play, are employed each day
Till we end our allotted span
It's a school we all are proud to own
And our teachers join us too
In the dim and distant years to come
To our motto we'll be true
Valiant boys, we'll forge our way ahead
Though the way be rough or be smooth
May God grant we'll all meet up above
Each and all from the one dear school

Plummy and Sgt. Plummy

19711981 (Tune: original, written for SMS by Br. B. McCarthy)

St. Mary's, our own dear school
Our voices we join in praise of you
Your glory, so widely known, we proudly own
In you we learn to work and play
You direct us how to pray
God we serve, and then our land
These the loves for which we stand
So God keep us true to you
And bless our school

1981? (Tune: With Cat Like Tread, from Pirates of Penzance)

Together we stand, St. Mary's loyal men
Comrades all, right until the end
Our work all done, we always do our best
. . .
Forever true, Forever true
To God and country we shall be
And always our dear school to thee
Faithful we'll ever be
To our Alma Mater, now and ever after
So that all shall see
That we stand for unity

The 1887 Building


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