The Third Standard's Picnic Under Paddy's Bridge


The boys of the Third met near the hedge
(Each was very refined, they say)
They shook their hands like gentlemen;
And had a picnic as all free men,
Under the Paddy's Bridge.

They wouldn't call any K.G. boys,
As they play like babies with their toys!
They wouldn't even let any 4th boys in
Because they couldn't e'en open a tin!

The 5th and the 6th could only stand in the street
And look through the gaps at the things to eat!
And the 7th and the 8th pretended, they
Didn't like picnics anyway!

But the 3rd Standard boys had the greatest fun!
They played “bang-bang” and “Biting-the-bun”
And “Gaining-the-ground” and “Pull-away”
And everything else they wanted to play!

They mixed the stones for “musical chairs,”
As if the Paddy's Bridge was theirs!
With beams sharpened, they clashed and fought
And whatever they wished, they wanted, they bought!

And after they'd played and fooled and played and fooled
They had pink straws in their “mango fool”
And the mutton and bread were smashed like a jam
And all of them had bacon and ham!

The 9th had their doubts, when they heard, and Brother had his own
But strange things happen in schools that are known!
And they say the best outing ever
Was the Third Standard's Picnic Under Paddy's Bridge!!

[Our budding poet acknowledges all help received from his master and friends in composing these timeless lines]
[From the Abu Oriole, 1959]