Mr Phillip Kureekat


I did not have the pleasure of Mr K as a teacher—he left to open his own school in Gujarat with Mrs (Angela)K—who did teach me in Class 4.

However I do have very fond memories of him. Being an only child, my mum was concerned when I decided I wanted to go to boarding school at 8 yrs. She gave in but organised for the Kats to keep an eye on me. After evening washes and before Chapel I had to report at the K's house (right at the end past the Bros Cottage) where I was given a cup of tea and a snack—a couple of pieces of bread and jam or some biscuits. This went on for years. Mr K was a father to me when I was in Abu. His outer stern appearance was a total sham and he was a softie underneath. I remember the way his face used to light up in a smile, the way he hunched with his arms folded at the back as he walked the school grounds in his special gait.

Along with Br Vieyra he was the person I could turn to—someone I could trust. It is amazing how the 2 of them passed away withing a relatively short time of each other.

Mr K's love for teaching still lives on. St Josephs HS in Una, Gujarat is run by his eldest son Naveen (Bablu), and Neena and Naveen are also involved. Mrs K is also a pillar of the school— not teaching anymore but managing the canteen and boarding when I last checked. The school itself would remind you of St Mary's.

Thank you Pop Kat.

— Andre Rasquinha (1981)