Madhu Choudhury


Dear All

Madhu did want to make it to the next reunion. Sadly that will not happen .. lost him just short of 10 days of his retirement.

His Bank had sent him to Mysore for his pre-retirement training supposed to last for 3 days wef Aug 18. He left home on 17th Aug in high spirits and also visited his Head Office in Bangalore ... met his colleagues ... and reached his training centre at Mysore hale and hearty. Had a wonderful reunion with his colleagues and retired happily after dinner. Unfortunately that same night he had a massive heart attack. It was totally unexpected.

He loved the last trip to Mt. Abu this Feb 16 and showed me the school and talked about his school days.

I need your prayers.

— Molina

A gentleman and a scholar. That’s Madhu in a nutshell. On reflecting on my memories with Madhu, he looms larger than life. I felt the best way to describe him would be to make a list of his character traits. I remember while in school we were often asked to write three virtues that we admired among our classmates. Many years had passed since I enjoyed Madhu’ s company in school and college (St Xavier’s Kolkata). I last met him during our 2012,40 year reunion in Mumbai. It was as if we met after our annual school holiday.

What did I admire about Madhu? Well here goes my attempt:

Humility ­ Humility ­ Humility - Humility
Concern for others
Well Mannered
Hockey-Football-Cricket par excellence
Smile in the face of adversity
Hard Worker
Consensual decision maker
Sartorial elegance
Style and swagger
Bollywood Music
Humility ­ Humility ­ Humility - Humility

As my friend and classmate Mahesh Patel has correctly pointed out, his outlook in life is best encapsulated in a Hindi song by Mukesh “Khus Raho hare khushi hain thumare liye” [Be happy, every happiness is for you]:

Madhu was a fine gentleman, all our classmates agree.

— Stephen de Silva (1972)

I am horrified. In the three years that I was at St Mary's (1964-67), we were, I think, four day-scholars - Madhu, Daivat, Mahesh Patel and me. We spent a lot of time together, playing cricket at Daivat's palace or otherwise hanging together. Those days he had a Sikh-like tuft. He used to do very well academically and was a top sportsperson. Used to stay quite close too, just behind the club.

I remember spending time with his father, just before he passed away, when Madhu and his mother were away.

Thanks to you guys, Ashley (?) for reconnecting. We spoke on the phone a number of times in 2012-14, but could never meet. He kept telling me to come to Mumbai, where his wife was posted I think, if I could not make it to Vadodra.

Feel really terrible not just for not making it, but for his family. 59-60 is hardly the age to go.  RIP good friend.

— Shakti Sinha (1972)

Dear Molina

Our hearts go out to you on hearing of your great loss.  May God comfort you and the children with His grace and peace.  Wonderful to know that we have hope even beyond this life.  Esther and I are so happy that we were able to spend that evening with you, visit your home and have such a good time over dinner.  You have a wonderful family and surely you will all cherish the fond memories of Madhu.

Having turned 59 recently and entered into my 60th year, I am more aware of my mortality and this incident brings it more clearly into focus.  We have one life to live so it's so important that we live it right.  I'm privileged to work with so many people who are finding meaning and purpose to life.  To see lives transformed through faith in God makes it all worthwhile. 

Be assured of our prayers and blessings at this time.  Thanks for the note and details of Madhu's last days.  Love to the kids too.

— Victor & Esther Nazareth (1972)

Hi Guys !

I am devastated to hear the sad news about Madhu. He was a year junior to me but was my team-mate (St. Francis — Ashley should remember) and we played all the games together for our house as well as School-XI.

Also I have a fond memory of our School-XI Football team's visit to Delhi in 1971 to play with St. Columbus and others. Carl Mendonca was our captain and we went to see the night show - everyone went to see an English movies while Madhu and I went to see a Hindi film.  As luck would have it, Madhu and I got lost reaching St. Columba's and made several rounds of Connaught Place before finally reaching St. Columba's.  Everyone had a hearty laugh!!!!!!!

But that was Madhu and I feel very sorry for not only the family but Madhu's friends too.  May God Give eternal peace to his noble departed soul! Amen!!

With warm wishes from

CS (Chandrashekhar Singh)  (1971)

Dear Molina

Having spent 10 of my 12 Abu years with the '71 batch, I can't claim a close friendship with Madhu.

I do remember him well though, his height and can picture his face.  My recollection of him is that of a fair player.

It is always sad to hear of the passing of a fellow Abuite.

My deepest sympathies to you Molina.  May God give you the grace to cope with your loss.


Jude D'Souza Class of 1971-72

Dear Molina and Friends,

So sad to hear about our Madhu passing away so suddenly. Molina we remember you and the family in prayer. Although I did not meet Madhu since we left school in '72, I remember he was outstanding in studies and sports, so good to be with. We thank God for the gift he was to us all in school. May God be with you in this difficult time. Ashley, thank you for connecting with all of us and giving us the news.

With love and prayer,


Dear Molina and dear classmates,

I remember Madhu — we were both day-scholars and met outside school hours. But then I lost touch with him, but often remembered him, his smile and personality — all of which could only have grown with age.

All our hugs to you, Molina. I know these are hard times. Remembering Madhu and his smile, and knowing that he would not want you to fret, will help weather them.

Love and Regards,

Atish Sanyal

Dear Molina,

So very very sad to hear, from this far away, of your dear Madhu's sudden passing.  I remember him as tall and quiet, kind and generous classmate.  I'll certainly keep him in prayers, as also yourself — it must have been a great shock, especially when you were awaiting enjoying his retirement with him, and the fruit of his work of years, and love of his family.  Who can understand how these things happen? Rest assured you are in prayers to Our Lord, through His mother, for your consolation, and that of each one in your family, at such a most sad and difficult time. May he rest in God's peace.

With all thoughts and prayers,

John Martis sj

Dear Molina,

I am so sorry to hear this very sad news and we pray for you. Even though many of Madhu's classmates are spread across the globe, and many have not met since we left in 1972, the bonds that tie us all together are still so strong. One of the few possessions I brought with me when I came to the US in 1976 was the autograph book in which most of the guys copied on this email wrote some memorable lines. I still have it and it is one of my most cherished possessions. I just retrieved it, and with much affection, read each page reminiscing on the memories of a lifetime. Some were serious, some hilarious, some profound. Here is what Madhu wrote in my book:

To Dear Marc,
Roses may die,
Lilies may die,
You will forget me,
But never will I.

Your pal,
Madhu Chowdhury
I.S.C. '72

Madhu, we have not forgotten you and you are very much in all our thoughts and prayers.  Rest in Peace.


Marc Correa

Dear Molina,

My deepest condolences. I can't find any appropriate words to express the shock and regret I feel just now. Regret because I've been meaning to reopen communications with Madhu for so long, but never got down to it. We wrote sporadically for a couple of years after school and then quite naturally lost the thread.

I was with Madhu between 70-72 and we were especially close. He was quite easily the smartest turned out guy in our class -freshly laundered uniform every day, the perfectly groomed Bollywood puff that added another 3inches to his height and his light footed weaving gait are all trademark characteristics that I can recall so easily.

I was captain of St. Joseph's, Madhu's team for the last year, but in spite of our scheming and plotting and his more than considerable skills at hockey, we couldn't bring off a win for the house. However, we were both part of the team that beat the NPA on their own home ground. Madhu shot the winning goal in that game via an assist from Stephen deSilva, whose father was the NPA chief and was present.

Sorry for meandering on like this. My thoughts are with you in this time of pain and grief. Veena, my wife, and myself will pray for you especially. I hope we get a chance to meet you sometime in the future.

Love and blessings

Veena and Neil Coelho

Dear Molina,

It must be strange to get an e-mail from someone you never knew; someone living in a country you probable never visited. But I am prompted to write to express my own condolences to you and the family on the death of Madhu. I spend some time teaching in Mt. Abu, a time filled with joy. Even though more than 40 years have passed since then (I revisited in 1984 and 2009) I still remember the wonderful feeling of being part of that experience. I say this knowing that Madhu would have benefited also and that is clear from the beautiful messages that you are receiving since his passing. May Madhu rest in eternal peace and may you and your family receive the strength to cope at this very difficult time.


John Whelan

Dear Molina,

I was extremely saddened by the news of Madhu. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with him from 1964 to 1972. He was a gentle soul and a decent human being. He overcame a lot of adversity in his early childhood but his spirits were always high. This was reflected in his passion for singing with the beautiful voice that he possessed. One song in particular was his favorite and it deeply touched even to this day "Khush Raho hare khushi hain thumare liye", which was a true reflection of his inner feeling and outlook on life.

May God give you and the family the strength thru this difficult phase in your life. Rest in peace Madhu.

Love & Prayers,

Mahesh Patel

Dear Molina,

I am shocked and grieved to learn to the very sad and sudden demise of dear Madhu.

I don’t have words to express my sorrow. Please accept our heartfelt condolences and sympathies- May the Almighty grant the departed soul eternal peace and strength to you and family to bear the irreparable loss.

As you know we spent many years together in school and then we lost contact for over three decades but when we met in Mumbai at your place it seemed as if we were just meeting at a school break. Thereafter you all came over to Abu for a short trip which was wonderful - just driving around Mt. Abu and visiting the places which have happy memories for us.

Madhu was one of the finest person I have known and I am sure the Lord will take great care of him-RIP

With kind regards,


Madhu was one of the original Batch of '72, having started in SMS in 1962, Class I, as a day-scholar.

I remember him and Daivat being the two tallest guys in the class for nearly all our years (except when Atiq Ullah Khan came in making them both look short!!). He was a good sports and track athlete, and was faithful to his team, going home to town when classes ended and returning to play the evening field games.

Madhu would sometimes come on our Wednesday and Saturday evening “walks” with little persuasion even though it wasn’t mandatory for day-scholars. I remember on one of them he was the boldest and caught most of the crabs when we went to Plummy Dam in Class IV/1965.

I remember his love of Hindi films, familiarity with all the movie songs and being a fan of the actors and actresses, in particular Jitendra.

I lost touch with Madhu after November '72 and only caught up with him again in Bombay on the tail end of our 40 year reunion at a dinner hosted by Jal. Madhu couldn't make it to Abu for work reasons, but came from Baroda for the dinner and returned later that night to be able to open the bank he worked for at regular time.

Let’s keep the good old days with Madhu in our thoughts and say a little prayer for his family.

— Ashley D'Souza (1972)