Mahipal Singh Rathore

I was quite shocked to hear of Mahipal Singh's passing.

He was 3 years my junior in school and at least 3 years younger than me.

You don't remember the “smallies.” But when he introduced himself to me at the 2004 Platinum Jubilee, I instantly recognized his name and the features of his “smally” face in the adult man. He had come for the festivities with his wife.

Then he was a competitor with me in the Ex-Students 200m race. You can see him packin' it in the photographs page (2004 - Platinum Jubilee - Sports Day - 200m-4), in the middle of the whole group, and 200m-8, extreme left.

Seems like yesterday!!

Condolences to his wife, family and Class of '75.

Ashley D'Souza (1972)

It is with great sadness that I have learned of Mahipal's passing. We were classmates and good friends for many years through graduation in 1975. In early 1995 I had the pleasure of reconnecting with him in Jodhpur during a trip through Rajasthan on my honeymoon. We met in Jodhpur and drove to his village, stopping at Barmer and some temple ruins (at Kiradu) on the way. He had developed quite an interest in history by that time. Twenty years had elapsed, but you never would have known for all the catching up we did. My wife and I spent a couple of days at his ancestral home where we had an opportunity to meet his wife and family and brother Amar. Mahipal had moved base to Jodhpur by that time, but on his return to the village, all day he had members of the community stop by to pay their respects. It was quite an extraordinary experience witnessing the tradition and seeing the very high regard he was held in. To Mahipal's wife and family and brother, our very deepest sympathies.

— Wilbert Noronha (1975)