Br W H O'Connor

Br William Hilarion O'Connor (1883-1942) belonged to the band of Brothers who gave their all to God and yet we can remember little about their lives worth recording. This is certainly true if we weigh it in the balance of earthly values. Yet we know that their names, like Abou Ben Adhem's, recorded in a book of gold, lead all the rest for having loved their fellow men.
Br Hilarion came to India from Count Kerry, Ireland, in 1910 and was first posted to the Orphanage in Calcutta. Various postings followed — St Michael's Kurji, Goethals Kurseong, and St Joseph's Naini Tal.  He taught senior classes and after a full day's work he took on various boarding school charges. He loved the games field, where he displayed all the enthusiasm of a boy, and took laudable pride in the skill. He loved soccer and sports. While at St Joseph's Naini Tal it was found that his health was on the wane. He moved to Mt Abu in 1932. High blood pressure was the cause of much of his ill health. He was taken off classes and given light duties, but his health continued to decline. He passed away on 23 October 1942. RIP

—Stephen de Silva (1972)
Transcribed from the CB remembrance volume, On Whose Broad Shoulders, 2015