Br E O O'Keeffe


Br Owen arrived in India in 1933. He completed his studies in Nainital, and furthered his education at Calcutta University. He taught Maths and Science all his life and was particularly fond of Botany — which accounts for his life long interest in gardening and horticulture.

Bro Owen appeared gruff and highly strung as an individual, but if one was patient, one would soon find a sensitive and warm hearted soul.

Many of his later years were spent in Simal and Chandigarh, but he loved the yearly winter visit to Asansol. Here he could meet up with his sister, Mother Gertrude and his niece Mother Agnes, both Loreto nuns. He enjoyed his visits to the neighbouring Loreto Convent where he was fussed over and received much attention. It was on one of these visits that the school Alsatian attacked him and ripped his pants to shreds, but otherwise caused no major damage. Imagine his surprise, and amusement when a new pair of trousers was sent across to him a few days later. He never found out how they proved to be such a perfect fit.

Bro Owen passed away suddenly on December 27th, 1982, while in Chandigarh. He was found in his room, fully dressed, spectacles on, sandalled feet stretched just over the side of his bed. He lies buried in Chandigarh. RIP

— Transcribed from the CB remembrance volume, On Whose Broad Shoulders, 2015