Trevor Mendes



Feeling very sad to hear this news. May he be at peace now.

— Sunil Prasad (1973)

He was fearless! I remember him very well, as also Tyronne. Trevor was kind and generous as he was tough! He was a simple guy at heart. May his soul rest in peace.

— Stewart D'Souza (1973)

The rugged fearless type, had a kind twinkle in his eyes, generous and always jovial. Typical Bombay types!

Danny Pinto (1973)

A real outdoors man.

— Keith Fernandes (1973)

Sorry to hear about Trevor. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

— Albert James (1973)

He got hold of a huge rock snake at Easter Caves, tugged on its tail and it lashed out and bit him in the calf.

— Zarryl Lobo (1973)

I will remember him well. It was our shenanigans in the far corner that was responsible for Danny getting sconned by Pop with the duster. RIP Trevor.

— David Stone (1973)

What I remember about Trevor is that he hated waking up early.  To get the extra few winks he would wear his school uniform under his pyjamas, jump out of bed at the very last minute and be ready with the rest of us.  May his soul rest in peace.

— Frank E Dias (1973)

Sad about Trevor passing away, he was a real good guy.

—Len Alphonso (1973)

Sorry to hear the news; please convey my sympathies to his family.

—Ian Pereira (1973)

Rest in peace mate. Met last on your wedding day. Will remember you fondly.

—Raphael D'Souza (1973)

He was a legend. Fearless!  RIP.

—Val Noronha (1973)