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This is the unofficial web site of St Mary's alumni.  The official web site of the School is


In 1995 I visited Jivraj Nazareth (1969) in Australia.  The conversation drifted to Abu, and remarkably, with no beverages to blame it on, we started to sing from the 1967 operetta Ali Baba and the 40 Black Sheep.  “Tramp tramp tramp,” “Stay ladies stay,” “When Hassarac has the sack.”  The memories came flooding back.  We'd caught the Abu bug.

Back then you could type Bombay into an Internet search engine and get a couple of hits, but Abu didn't bring up anything relevant.  My brother Vivian (1968) had some web space available.  We pulled out old photographs, recalled lyrics of anthems, listed maybe 100 names in the directory, and in late 1996 launched the SMS web site on AOL.

Within months, word had spread.  Alumni around the world were catching the Abu bug.  Aloysius (1951) started to compile a list of addresses.  Br Noel (1979) heard about the site (oops!  we hadn't informed the Brothers) and he had someone key in the rolls of graduating classes since 1914, taking the directory from a couple of hundred to nearly 3000.  Ulysses (1982) sent in about 30 photographs.  Marlon (1984) set up a do-it-yourself registration form.  With the increased maintenance demands, I moved the files to my own domain.


With growth has come heightened expectations.  I've recently had offers of donations to help finance the site, as well as questions about my powers of representation, term of office, salary from the Brothers, etc.  Here's the scoop:

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