Alumni Affairs

Bee Hive

This is the “inner circle” of the Virtual Association of Alumni (more on that).  You can sign up too.

Worker Bees

Worker Bees track down local alumni who are still out of the loop. Know of someone who's “somewhere in the Los Angeles area, I think”? Contact the local WB and he'll follow up. There are no turf boundaries; we need all the WBs we can get. Would be nice to have at least one in each significant alumni concentration: Bombay, Delhi, Goa, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, etc. Please e-mail me to sign up.

E-mail addresses below are deliberately corrupted. Edit as appropriate.

CA.AB.Edmonton Errol D'Souza (1990)

CA.BC.Vancouver Stephen D'Costa (1990)

CA.ON.Toronto Frank John Dias (1969)

CA.ON.Toronto Jason Menezes (1984)

CA.ON.Toronto Rohan Nazareth (1985)

US.CA.Los Angeles Tarandeep (Terry) Uppal (1992)

US.CA.Walnut Creek (San Francisco) Andrew Abranches (1985)

Bertram DCosta (1988)

Elvino Saldanha (1986)

US.IL.Chicago Joseph Anthony (1992)

US.IL.Chicago Ross D'Souza (1989)

Bhavin Dilip Chasmawala (1998)

US.MA.Wilmington (Boston) Nishith Chasmawala (1995)

US.MI.Lansing Hasan Maredia (1987)

US.WA.Seattle Matthai Philipose (1988)

BG. (Bulgaria)
Praveen Choudhary (1995)

UK.London Russell Fernandes (1989)

Lloyd Fernandes (1980)

IN.Bombay Nigel Patrick Marshall (1984)

IN.Ahmedabad Grenville D'Costa (1982)

UAE.Dubai  Renwick D'Souza (1980)

AU.NSW.Sydney Kevin Figueiredo (1990)

AU.WA.Perth Stephen de Silva (1972)

NZ.Auckland Loyola Correa (1971)

Legal Eagles

National Legal Eagles are men reasonably familiar with local business practice, who can perform quasi-legal tasks such as securing charity status, establishing bank accounts and maybe credit card accounts (the merchant type, for receiving funds) in the name of SMS, and channeling funds to the school.