Alumni Affairs

Giving Back to SMS

Two funds, seeded by alumni contributions, have been established, through which alumni, parents and friends may donate to SMS.

You may earmark a donation for one cause or the other, or leave it up to the school to decide. SMS periodically announces its priorities (below), and reports on how donated funds have been allocated and spent.

Remittance Procedure

  1. Use this Donation Advice to notify the school of the payment and donor details, and indicate your preferences (if any) for utilization of your contribution. Indian taxation law requires that this be documented.
  2. Execute the fund transfer:
  3. There's currently an active fund-raising campaign spearheaded by Frank E Dias (1973), and a friendly tug-of-war between the pre-1965 and 1965+ generations. Register your donation with Frank to pull for your side.
  4. Questions regarding school issues and domestic donations—Principal.   Regarding overseas donations—Christian Brothers India. Regarding the funding campaign in general—Frank E Dias

Principal's infrastructure priorities

From the Principal, Mary Joseph, 2009-12:

Last year the cottage near the gym was done up at a cost of over 8 lakhs. This year we are giving the cottage near the basketball courts a make-over. The contractor has quoted 12 lakhs for this job.

Other projects slated for this year are:

  1. Re-roofing the Old Hall and the New Hall
  2. Re-roofing the far east cottage
  3. Buying a 10 kw generator
  4. Repairing the solar panels on the junior dorm
  5. Overhauling the computer lab, re-wiring and putting window meshes in the New Hall
  6. New desks for classes 7 and 8
  7. Replacing the girder in the senior dorm toilets and repairing the bathing room roof
  8. Fixing up showers in the senior bathing room
  9. Fixing a wireless EPABX system in the school

Donor List

To be updated periodically. Names of all donors will be published unless you request otherwise. Foundation Donors (Rs 100,000 and more) are recognized separately.


Past campaigns in which alumni have contributed: