Oh it's a school we all are proud to own
And our teachers join us too
In the dim and distant years to come
To our motto we'll be true

— excerpt from an anthem

How it Works

The directory serves the primary purpose of the web site — to bring old batchmates together.  What happens after that is up to you.  The recall of someone's name may bring back a flood of memories.  Or you may find that your next door neighbour, boss, prospective father-in-law, etc, is also an alumnus of this fine institution.

This bears a bit of explaining, because it isn't as smooth as commercial alumni registration sites (nor is it intended to be).

To Contact your Batchmates

E-mail: Names in gold are e-mail links.  Just click to send a message.  If your settings are right, the e-mail software will pop up with the recipient's name in the To field (edit it to remove stuff that's deliberately inserted to each address to spoof spammers).  To view the address, pass your mouse over the name and read the status line (bottom of the browser window).  Clever lads could search the source code of the page to harvest addresses.  That's fine, but please consult the privacy policy first.

Snail mail: Where a suburb/city appears next to a name, it often means there are more complete details on file, available to bonafide card-carrying Abuites. Full address, phone numbers and personal notes (profession etc) are not published on the web, in the interests of privacy.

Suburban cities (e.g. Mississauga, suburb of Toronto) may sound unfamiliar.  There are various search facilities on the web, from Bing Maps to MapQuest, that will help you locate place names worldwide.

How the Directory is Generated and Maintained

In 1996 when launching the web site I entered about 100 names and addresses I happened to know.  Visitors started to contribute and the list grew.  A year later, the Brothers dusted down school records and keypunched names for all the graduating classes since 1914.  That took the list from 100 to 3000. Also in 1997, Marlon Menezes set up the on-line signup form.  The entries from there go into a database.  I periodically check and clean, and incorporate them into the master database which generates the web pages.  There's still a significant manual component involved for the sake of quality and consistency, so this happens every so many months — most recently 18 months.

Conventions and House Rules

How to Submit Updates

The web site has become what it is because many have contributed.  Pass the baton.